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When did the ban start: - It started on 1st January 2015, now there is a total ban of the use of R22 refrigerant, reclaimed or recycled.


Identifying equipment containing R22 refrigerant: - R22 refrigerant gas was used in equipment up until 2004. So if your equipment was manufactured before 2004 it is likely that it runs on R22 refrigerant. If you are unsure and need advice please contact us.


Why banning R22 – It has a detrimental effect on the environment and the ozone layer.




What will happen if your equipment should break down. This is a service ban only. If the system is gas tight you don’t have to remove the R22 gas contained within it. However, be aware, that if or when the system leaks any refrigerant, it cannot be replaced.


Cost effective alternatives - We offer a no obligation site visit and quotation to discuss the options with existing equipment. R22 replacement solutions are available that provide cost-effective and highly energy efficient upgrades for existing R22 systems. Yet their installed cost could be up to 50% lower compared with installing a new system.  

Total Ban on R22

24/7 repairs

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Be Proactive

Extra financial help

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA): The ECA scheme is a key part of the Government’s programme to manage climate change, and is designed to encourage businesses to invest in energy saving equipment. It provides businesses with enhanced tax relief for investment in equipment that meets published energy saving criteria.



Leasing Equipment - Leasing is a tax-efficient option for businesses to manage the cost of air conditioning and heating systems.